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Why Self Love Matters

unpacking a big concept 

Self love. A big concept. A very popular buzz word. But what is it? How do we know we're "doing" self love and does it really matter? Is self love bubble baths and massages?


At first when I was presented with the opportunity to start a site with a domain name of, I didn't want to. I turned my nose up to it. My work and my message isn't about self love, I thought. It's about body love, feminine embodiment, sexuality, expression, sensuality, relationships. Not "just" self-love, I snuffed. 


Then I felt more into it... Asking myself, what is the one thing that's brought me to this place in my life where I'm currently experiencing a truly beautiful life filled with love, connection and daily expansion.


 And the answer was clear: self love. 


Devoting myself to the practice of slowing down, no matter what and choosing to be with myself and learning how to offer myself the love I was so desperately chasing outside of myself, has been the single most powerful practice I've committed to. 


With this insight, I realized the most powerful choice I could make would be to claim the domain space of and begin to authentically share my journey from self-loathing, self-critical, co-dependent and victimized to self-affirming, self-accepting, inter-dependant and accountable. And to use this site not only for my own sharing but as a space to host other women's journey's into loving and approving of themselves. 


My main why for this site is to share our stories honestly and provide resources to inspire you to see yourself a more clearly, express yourself more truly and love yourself more fully. So that we can actually have the relationships we all long for. Without loving ourselves first we cannot receive love from another. It's an annoying cliche that turns out to be very true. So I guess in the end this site is all for you experiencing more depth, joy and intimacy with yourself and with others. 


Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to bringing you more of the best in the weeks to come. 


With love...



Mary C



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