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    We get it: you’re grateful. But what are you truly aching for?? I’m noticing a trend among women, Each week, in client sessions, I'm hearing a common cry: You're aching for MORE. More connection. More presence. More time for yourself. More energy and money and intimate sex. You're aching to...
    August 3, 2019
    Self love. A big concept. A very popular buzz word. But what is it? How do we know we're "doing" self love and does it really matter? Is self love bubble baths and massages?   At first when I was presented with the opportunity to start a site with a domain name of self.love, I didn't want to. I...
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    A little background + information on me

    A multi-faceted teacher

    After three years of living in Los Angeles and working as personal trainer, my clients began asking for more than just a workout routine from me. They were longing to truly, deeply love themselves and to be liberated from their body-hate prisons! I knew this was my calling and that I wanted to support them beyond dumbbell routines and endless treadmill drills. So, in 2010 I became a certified health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Shortly after this, I threw my own bathroom scales off of my balcony, took a break from my often punishing workouts and became a master trainer in a form of yoga which combines vinyasa, primal dance, and plyometrics. While receiving these two certifications I also immersed myself for a year as a student of the Feminine Way at the School Of Pleasurable Weight Loss in New York City. Flying back and forth from LA to NYC each month, I was hungry for my healing and I knew returning to feminine movement was essential to my health and and de-criminalizing pleasure essential to my liberation from the self-hate prison of constant critique I and many other women were living in.

    Creates a nurturing space for women

    Recently, one of my favorite things to do is to create a sensual and nurturing space for women to come into, fully relax, and unfold their bodies and beings. I offer this primarily through in my private immersions and weekly movement classes. I am wildly passionate about helping people relax so they might have a deeper sense of connection and intimacy with themselves and others and my work (in all the various ways I engage, teach and interact) is curated to arrive you towards relaxation and total self-acceptance. I hold this intention because I believe we are our most authentic selves, most at home in our skin and most able to access our essential nature when our nervous systems are most relaxed. It’s this belief which informs each choice in how I set a space for gathering, the scents and the music I choose, the body movements I instruct students to perform and the daily ways of being she holds her one-on-on clients to.

    Teaches sensuality as the portal to the feminine

    Mary Catherine teaches sensuality as the portal to the feminine and tapping into our bodies through breath and the senses as life-changing work that can be accessed through physical asana, drum beats, our senses, vocal toning and self-love practices.


    Mary Catherine is actively working with women as an embodiment and intimacy coach, who brings movement as medicine to her clients. She’s known for her unique energy which has been described as sensual, authentic and deeply empowering. In her presence you feel at home within yourself, connected and at ease, and you leave with a completely restored sense of confidence as if you plugged into a magic socket of energy! Which you did: YOU!


    Her first book, ‘Home’, was recently released and explores the journey home to oneself after co-dependency and addiction to love-drugs. “Home” is a moving collection of poetry and prose for anyone seeking to see themselves more clearly and love themselves more wholly.

  • I've been singing all over my house and in my car.

    "Wow, I’m not sure what just happened but my session with Mary Catherine went deep quickly. Without saying a word she quickly tuned into where I’ve been holding so much stress in my body and guided me through an amazing process of moving the stuck energy. Since our session I’ve been singing all over my house and in my car, I’m feeling far more relaxed and my romantic life is becoming far more juicy! Again, I’m not sure what happened in that time together but there is for sure a 'before my session with Mary Catherine 'and an 'after.'. and the after I feel far lighter, more free and feminine. I highly recommend a personal session with Mary Catherine for anyone feeling caught in cycles of stress, anxiety and tension that is starting to effect your life and your intimacy.”​
    Jamelle R., San Diego

    "I went home and had a deep desire to connect with my husband."

    "After an evening with Mary Catherine and our amazing group of Sisters, I drove home feeling filled to the brim. For the first time in months, maybe years, I went home and had a deep desire to connect with my husband. Not just in sex, but in intimacy, true connection. I have a long way to go in cultivating intimacy within myself (and my marriage) as I’ve made the kids and everyone else more important for almost 18 years. But after Wednesday night, I feel excited and alive like never before as if I’m standing at the edge of a River calling me in to the depths of me. And I promise you, I’m going to go in. Thank you Mary Catherine for creating such a beautiful and safe space for me to reconnect to me so deeply!”

    -Amy S., Nashville, TN.

    "Being with Mary Catherine is the exact mirror I was needing."

    Being with Mary Catherine is the exact mirror I was needing. The layers she cracks open in me are unlike any other and she is the only one who’s been able to provide this for me in the area of self love and I’ve worked with a LOT of coaches/mentors/programs. I’m so grateful for the flood of awareness that sitting with her brings. If you’re a woman seeking to fall more in love with yourself and your body, get Mary Catherine in your corner as soon as possible. This woman carries the codes of the feminine and body love in a way like none other; in a way that is deeply needed.

    -Jolie Dawn, Los Angeles, CA

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